Did You Forget Her Anniversary; Again?

anniversary flowers

What is it about men? Men have such short memories while their stronger halves do not. Women are always able to remember the most important dates in any married or committed couple’s lives. Being the good mothers they are they will never forget a child’s birthday. After nudging and prodding, the father is sent on his way to go and buy his son’s first bicycle. Perhaps he needs a tip or two from Santa. Santa is, as they say, as old as the hills.

He’s been around for so long, no-one knows how old he really is. But, after all these years, he is still going strong, same old red-nosed reindeer, sleigh and all. He’s even tuned in to technologies. Christmas gift orders come through thick and fast and his merry elves need to remind him of where the next delivery must go. So, that’s what you do then, just like kids who still believe do every year for Santa, send the old man a reminder or two on that special date coming up.

It’s been so bad, it’s even caused breakups. Quite possibly, the most important date for any married or committed couple is that of their wedding anniversary. And yet this is the date that most men seem to forget. Do yourself a huge saving grace favor the next time you are pinged at the ballgame or on the green with another reminder and quickly place an order of anniversary flowers. While the game’s quite literally still on, a fresh arrangement can be put together on your behalf and a speedy Gonzalez can zip away to your front door and surprise the old missus.

But that’s still ghastly, when you think about it. Because shouldn’t you be making the delivery yourself?