So, Now You Want Colored Leathers That Can Be Arranged, But What About The Feathers

colored feathers

Be as extravagant and outrageous as you want, it’s party time, for crying out loud. Where is it written in the Constitution that you can’t have a good time? If it its holiday time for you right now, well, happy holidays to you then. If it’s a particular festival that you need to celebrate right now, the best of wishes to you too. And, of course, let’s not forget to wish you a very happy birthday, if that happens to be your big day.

But, hush now, what if this birthday party was meant to be a surprise bash. Hush now? Is that what we must say? Wait for the birthday boy, or gal to arrive, then lights on and party time! Surprise, it’s your birthday! Some folks out there are expecting these things. A man walks into a bar with his girlfriend. He’s dressed extravagantly in a white tux with a brightly colored red bowtie to match. Yes, he spent a lot of time and trouble in the mirror tying his knot.

His girlfriend, with arm linked in his like a ball and chain was gorgeously attired in colored feathers. She covered his eyes to show him the way in. No prizes for guessing that she wanted to show him a good time as well. He wasn’t supposed to see this one coming, but so it turned out. In his favorite bar of all places. A multi-layered birthday cake right in the center of the dance floor. Do pubs still have those things?

Dance floors, that is. The point is that no matter what, boa or peacock feathers give all party goers a real thrill and outrageous look that onlookers can only wonder at.